TINE dam in Mateur

TINE dam in Mateur

  • Contract amount: 21 956 021.007 TND
  • Work execution time: 42 months
  • Client: Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources

    Consistency of the work

    Development of the oued tine delegation of Mateur Bizerte

    Characteristics of the Dike:

    Type: earthenware.
    Foundation: limestone, marl and sandstone
    Maximum height: 21.7 ml
    Peak length: 759.7 ml
    Peak width: 8 ml
    Dam width: 153 ml

    Ancillary works:

    Pick-up work

    The main quantities

    Movable excavation: 311,500 m3
    Rock cuttings: 55,000 m3
    Embankments: 1,142,500 m3
    Concrete: 24,750 m3
    Steels: 1,243,000 kg