El Manar interchange

El Manar interchange

  • Contract amount: 12,429,654,121 TND
  • Work execution time: 18 months
  • Client: Ministry of Housing Equipment and Regional Planning

Consistency of the work

1 Viaduct with 2 reinforced concrete deck of 5 spans each
2 overpasses in reinforced concrete slab bridge
5 Reinforced concrete retaining walls
1 flowered weight wall 270 ml long
1 Closed-frame reinforced concrete underground passage with 2 access hoppers at the ends
1 Roundabout
1 weight wall in gabions
Deviation from dealer networks

The main quantities

Landfill or landfill: 132,500 m3
Loan for backfill: 128,200 m3
Gravel bitumen: 13,000 m3
Bituminous concrete: 7,720 m3
Concrete: 11,800 m3
Concrete reinforcement: 1,300,000 Kg