Oued Kef Edhel crossing structure

Oued Kef Edhel crossing structure


Work of Art of Crossing the Oued Kef Edhel
on the RN 16 PK 256.3 CH.423

  • Contract amount: 2,629,545,347 TND
  • Work execution time: 12 months
  • Client: Ministry of Housing Equipment and Regional Planning

Consistency of the work

The works carried out in this project mainly include a road, and a bridge with prefabricated reinforced concrete beams, 106.18 m long, it has 5 independent spans with 20 ml spans each and in particular the work of:

  • Earthworks
  • Pavement
  • Sanitation and drainage
  • 1 hydraulic structure
  • Signaling and safety equipment

The main quantities

  • Landfill or landfill: 42,000 m3
  • Loan for backfill: 24,000 m3
  • Bituminous concrete: 900 tonnes
  • Concrete: 1,767 m3
  • Concrete reinforcement: 300,000 Kg