Viaduct of the Penetrating South of Tunis

Viaduct of the Penetrating South of Tunis


Viaduct of the Penetrating South of Tunis

  • Contract amount: 9,750,000,000 TND
  • Work execution time: 24 months
  • Client: Ministry of Housing Equipment and Regional Planning

Consistency of the work

Construction of a viaduct to cross the RN1 road at Djebel Jeloud, a bundle of 4 SNCFT tracks and the Z4 slip road to Megrine. This is the first work of its kind in Tunisia.

The viaduct consists of 2 decks with 10 prestressed concrete spans arranged side by side, each 374 ml long, each deck consists of a box beam (segment) made up of 268 prefabricated segments assembled by external prestressing resting on 11 supports including 9 piers and 2 abutments, the foundations are of the deep type made up of 88 bored piles Ø 1000 mm, depth between 16 and 33 ml.

The main quantities

  • Concrete: 7,700 m3
  • Concrete steels: 1,000,000 kg
  • Prestressing steels: 177,000 kg
  • Sheaths: 300,000 kg
  • Safety barrier BN4: 1,575 ml
  • Waterproofing: 7,500 m2