FRET Interchange Construction Work

FRET Interchange Construction Work



  • Contract amount + Amendment: 27 110 086.438 TND
  • Work execution time + Amendment: 27 months
  • Client: Ministry of Equipment and Housing and Regional Planning 

Consistency of the work

Carrying out the work on the FRET interchange includes: The upgrade to 2 x 4 lanes on a linear distance of 1.8 km The extension of Boulevard B over a linear stretch of 365 m The development of 2 loops (Fret-La Marsa and Lac-Tunis) The establishment of a drainage network Public lighting The construction of the following structures spanning the RN9 road: 1 Prestressed concrete slab bridge of 7 Spans (2 Shelves of 127 m long) 1 Mixed slab bridge (Frame - concrete) 45 m long 1 Mixed Curved slab bridge (Frame - concrete) 54 m long

The main quantities

Formwork: 8,000.00 m2 Piles: 3,500.00 ml Coating and Gravel Bitumen: 55,000.00 T Concrete: 12,000,000 m3 Steels for Concrete: 720,000 T Steels for Prestressing: 110,000 T