Crossing of the Wadi Zeroud on the RN3

Crossing of the Wadi Zeroud on the RN3


Oued Zeroud crossing structure
on the RN 3 at P.K 195

  • Contract amount: 8,111,396,447 TND
  • Work execution time: 24 months
  • Client: Ministry of Housing Equipment and Land Use Planning

Consistency of the work

Precast prestressed concrete girder bridge made up of 21 spans of 37 ml each, giving a total length of 777 ml, each span is made up of 3 beams with a height of 2.20 ml weighing 105 tonnes, 63 in number, the supports consist of 2 abutments and 20 piers, the foundations are of the deep type made up of bored piles 900 mm in diameter and 35 ml in depth. It also includes the development of access ramps on either side of the structure, in addition to the work of:

  • Earthworks
  • Pavement
  • Drainage
  • Signaling and safety equipment

The main quantities

  • Concrete: 7,640 m3
  • Concrete reinforcement: 970,000 Kg
  • Prestressing reinforcement 132,000 Kg
  • Sheaths: 47,000 kg
  • Waterproofing: 7,400 m2