Dam on Oued El H’ma

Dam on Oued El H’ma

  • Contract amount: 11 559 523.946 TND
  • Client: Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources

Consistency of the work

The El H'ma wadi hydraulic development includes a zoned earth dam, an intake and discharge structure, a spillway and a dam drainage system.

Characteristics of the Dike:

Maximum height: 24 ml
Peak length: 1180 ml
Peak width: 6 ml
Volume of backfill: 1,300,000 m3

The main quantities

Excavation: 314,000 m3
Embankments: 1,300,000 m3
Riprap: 47,000 m2
Concrete: 7,000 m3
Steels: 340,000 kg