Dam on Oued Moula in Tabarka

Dam on Oued Moula in Tabarka

Dam on Oued Moula in Tabarka CH.4001

Contract amount: 48 922 411,196 TND
Work execution time: 27 months
Client: Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources

Consistency of the work

Development of the Moula wadi with the aim of creating a reservoir with a total capacity of 26.3 million cubic meters.

Characteristics of the Dike:

Type: roller compacted concrete (BCR) in the central part of the valley; Embankment embankment on the right bank.
Foundation ground: sandstone and clay
Maximum height: 81 ml
Crest length: solid in BCR 324 ml; Embankment dike 110 ml
Peak width: 7 ml
Maximum width at the level of the TN: 60 ml for the solid mass in BCR at the bottom of the valley; 50 ml for the embankment dike
Volume of the dam body: 422,000 m3
Ancillary works:

Bottom drain in metal pipe Ø 1500 mm flow rate 26 m3 / s
Pick-up work

The main quantities

Movable excavation: 43,000 m3
Rock cuttings: 300,000 m3
Concrete: 447,000 m3
Steels: 863,000 kg