Tunis Science City

Tunis Science City

City of Sciences of Tunis CH 372

  • Contract amount: 21 082 191.741 TND
  • Work completion time: 480 days
  • Client: Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Consistency of the work

Execution works in a single batch of the city of sciences of Tunis which is made up of 10 different blocks + exterior fittings, the works made up of 8 batches are defined and detailed as follows: Civil engineering electricity Fluids VRD and outdoor facilities Fire safety Elevators Sound

The main quantities Excavations: 21,000 m3 Embankments: 38,500 m3 Concrete: 22,000 m3 Architectural concrete for facades: 16,500m2 Metal frame + special elements: 192,500 kg