Lake North of Tunis

Lake North of Tunis


North Lake of Tunis 1st Tranche

  • Contract amount: 41,269,976,246 TND
  • Work execution time: 24 months
  • Client: Société de Promotion du Lac de Tunis

Consistency of the work 

Carrying out of the servicing, planning and development works of the northern lake of Tunis and its banks, namely: general infrastructure, roads and various networks in the North and North West areas.

Necessarily the work of:

  • Roads
  • Potable water
  • Power supply and electrical distribution
  • Public lighting
  • Natural gas
  • Sanitation
  • Telecommunication
  • Landscaping
  • Structures and reinforced concrete including retaining walls along the banks.

The main quantities

  • Landfill or landfill: 493,000 m3
  • Loan for backfill: 502,000 m3
  • Bituminous concrete: 22,000 tonnes
  • Geotextile: 128,500 m2
  • Various polyethylene pipes Ø (drinking water): 29,900 ml
  • Electrical cables various sections: 137,000 ml
  • Various polyethylene pipes Ø (natural gas): 36 100 ml
  • B.A pipe various Ø (rainwater): 20,800 ml
  • Wastewater drainage pipes: 18,000 ml
  • Coated multitubular pipes (telecommunications): 129,400 ml
  • Multipolar cables: 41,700 ml