Multidisciplinary gym in Rades

Multidisciplinary gym in Rades

  • Contract amount: 44 489 308.175 TND
  • Work completion time: 480 days
  • Client: Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • Delegated contracting authority: Ministry of Equipment, Housing and Regional Planning

Consistency of the work

The contract relates to the design, studies and “turnkey” construction, with a financing proposal, of the 10,000-seat multidisciplinary sports hall, part of the “7Novembre 1987” Olympic City in Rades.

The execution works of the multidisciplinary indoor room, made up of 30 lots, are defined and detailed as follows:

Coordination and management

Architectural and technical studies
General earthworks and demolitions
Foundations (deep and shallow)
Concrete structure and structural works (ramps and vomitories, prefabricated elements, walls, slabs, posts and beams)
Fixed and telescopic stands
Partition and non-loadbearing walls, interior carpentry, locksmithing and finishing work.
Exterior carpentry and locksmith
Facade treatment, wall covering, acoustic treatment, false ceiling and decoration.
Glazing - mirrors
Floor covering
Plumbing and Sanitary Equipment
Heating, air conditioning and ventilation
High current electricity
Fire safety, signage and air conditioning
TV display
TV - Radio
Computer network and UPS
Security control system, internal video surveillance. and ext.
Equipment to be provided
Elevators - freight elevator
Roads, parking lots, outdoor networks, green spaces and fencing
Constructive layout and necessary premises for ice production facilities (for Hockey and Skating)

The main quantities

Excavations: 3,500 m3
Concrete: 11,000 m3
Steels: 3,000 tonnes
Mud-bored piles: 276 units
Frame: 60 tons
Waterproofing: 11,000 m2