Taparura Project

Taparura Project


Taparura project, Sfax

  • Contract amount: 119,091,729,112 TND
  • Work execution time: 28 months
  • Contracting authority: Study and Development Company of the North Coast of the City of Sfax

Consistency of the work 

The works necessary for the depollution and the rehabilitation of the northern coasts of the city of Sfax, mainly include:

  • The excavation of the phosphogypsum layer transporting it to the repository and replacing it with clean sand from the Kerkennah channel.
  • Creation of a drop zone.
  • Isolation of the phosphogypsum deposit.
  • Construction of seven groynes for the protection of the coast.
  • Construction of a drainage channel.

The main quantities

  • Excavation of the phosphogypsum plate: 2,860,000 m3
  • Land backfill: 1,290,000 m3
  • Hydraulic backfill from the Kerkennah channel: 6,500,000 m3
  • Excavation: 81,600 m3
  • Rockfill: 19,420 tonnes
  • Concrete: 11,241 m3
  • Steels: 229,000 Kg
  • Geotextile: 68,000 m2