Tunis prison in ElMornaguia

Tunis prison in ElMornaguia

  • Contract amount: 9,288,609,128 TND
  • Work completion time: 480 days
  • Client: Ministry of Justice and Human Rights

Consistency of the work 

Construction of a women's prison + ancillary premises (central administration, local commandos, care unit, medical service, canine brigade, maintenance workshops, main entrance, single accommodation, building for housing, director's villa, doctor's villas, waiting room, discharge station) in a single lot, this work concerns the following lots: 

Civil engineering

The main quantities

Excavation: 7,580 m3
Embankments: 4,600 m3
Concrete: 14,900 m3
Steels: 1,960,000 kg
Masonry: 20,000 m2
Coating: 14,000 m2
Waterproofing: 13,700 m2