Infrastructure and Resources

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Infrastructure and Resources

Our infrastructures

SOMATRA-GET holds infrastructures established on its own properties or on long-term leased concessions.


  • Headquarters, Errousafi Square
  • Workshops, Ben Arous Park
  • Workshops, Megrine Park
  • Operational Unit, Sfax Antenna
  • Quarry lands, Jbel Oust

These infrastructures are expected to increase, given the objectives set by the General Management..

Our Machinery

SOMATRA-GET operates a consistent equipment pool enabling it to face and achieve all infrastructure construction works. This pool is made up of:

  • Heavy Equipment (Caterpillars, road grader, loaders, compactors, etc…)
  • Aggregate production units
  • A fleet of vehicles including a large number of units used for all types of transport needed for works on large  construction sites (dumpers, quarry dump trucks, tankers, gritting trucks, etc…)
  • A construction equipment parking site including a considerable number of units (power generators, compressors, jackhammers, tanks, etc…)
  • A light vehicles motor pool
  • Coating products production units
  • Concrete manufacturing plants of all kind
  • Drilling and deep foundation workshops
  • A pontoon and dredge for marine works

Despite this consistent park, we have adopted an ambitious biannual investment plan.

Human Resources

The most important resource held by SOMATRA-GET is its human resources. The company has a permanent operating staff of 550 people made up of:

40 senior executives with an experience of over 25 years in business management and in the management of highly complex projects
164 control officers: senior technicians, construction supervisor and administrative staff
34 execution officers, technicians and administrative officers
312 technical staff in charge of repairing and maintaining equipment and driving vehicles. In addition to its permanent staff, SOMATRA-GET employs an occasional skilled and ordinary workforce including 2500 workers on average
And it is mainly thanks to its human potential that the company aims for a better position in the business. It is constantly mobilising its staff for economic and social performance objectives.

SOMATRA-GET has chosen a human resources management policy based on skills, founded on capacity building principles to enable permanent professional career development.