Infrastructure and Resources

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Infrastructure and Resources

Our infrastructures

SOMATRA-GET holds infrastructures established on its own properties or on long-term leased concessions.


  • Headquarters, Errousafi Square
  • Workshops, Ben Arous Park
  • Workshops, Megrine Park
  • Operational Unit, Sfax Antenna
  • Quarry lands, Jbel Oust

These infrastructures are expected to increase, given the objectives set by the General Management..

Our Machinery

SOMATRA-GET operates a consistent equipment pool enabling it to face and achieve all infrastructure construction works. This pool is made up of:

  • Heavy Equipment (Caterpillars, road grader, loaders, compactors, etc…)
  • Aggregate production units
  • A fleet of vehicles including a large number of units used for all types of transport needed for works on large  construction sites (dumpers, quarry dump trucks, tankers, gritting trucks, etc…)
  • A construction equipment parking site including a considerable number of units (power generators, compressors, jackhammers, tanks, etc…)
  • A light vehicles motor pool
  • Coating products production units
  • Concrete manufacturing plants of all kind
  • Drilling and deep foundation workshops
  • A pontoon and dredge for marine works

Despite this consistent park, we have adopted an ambitious biannual investment plan.

Human Resources

The most important resource held by SOMATRA-GET is its human resources. The company has a permanent operating staff of 166 people made up of:

41 senior executives.
72 control officers: senior technicians, construction supervisor and administrative staff
53 execution officers, technicians and administrative officers
In addition to its permanent staff, SOMATRA-GET employs an occasional skilled and ordinary workforce including 399 workers on average
And it is mainly thanks to its human potential that the company aims for a better position in the business. It is constantly mobilising its staff for economic and social performance objectives.

SOMATRA-GET has chosen a human resources management policy based on skills, founded on capacity building principles to enable permanent professional career development.