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Presentation and Organisation

Presentation of SOMATRA-GET

Established since 1971, the General Equipment and Works Company (SOMATRA-GET) is a global firm working in different Construction and Civil Engineering sectors throughout the Tunisian territory.

SOMATRA-GET proved itself on the field.

The credibility associated with its name and its reputation among clients and partners is the living proof of it being a reliable corporation.

Being innovative and cultivating that spirit among its employees, SOMATRA-GET developed its execution methods through performing human resources and high-performance equipments in order to meet the market’s various needs.

Its effectiveness is demonstrated by the fact that it gives the greatest care and maximum efficiency in all projects it is responsible for regardless of difficulties.

Today, the company is undergoing substantial transformation. Great efforts are being undertaken to make SOMATRA-GET as competitive as the best performers in the sector.

Our Organisation

SOMATRA-GET has developed an organizational structure enabling it to easily achieve projects located throughout the Tunisian territory.

Each project is headed by a Chief Operating Officer who has the power to decide and adjust to constraints imposed by the project.

Though projects are autonomous, the general organisational structure remains flexible and the General Management only intervenes to guide and meet the specific needs of each project.